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Americans have promised to better their heart health.
A look at heart health in America


Nearly four in ten American adults believe they have ideal heart health (39%). Less than one in ten believes they have poor heart health (5%).

The majority of adults have visited a doctor or healthcare professional within the past year (80%).

70% of Americans report being told to make lifestyle changes by a doctor or other healthcare professional.

One third report being told each to exercise more (35%) and that they are overweight (33%).

One in five adults report currently being a smoker (19%).

Fewer than two in ten American adults (15%) achieve AHA’s recommended levels of moderate aerobic exercise, which is 150+ total minutes per week.

For more than four of ten adults, eating 9 servings of fruits and veggies (44%) or eating fish at least 2 times per week (45%) is a rare activity.

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