Messages from Nancy Brown and Clyde Yancy MD

Learn how heart disease has improved – and why we still have work to do – in these videos from Clyde Yancy, MD, Past President, American Heart Association, and Nancy Brown, CEO, American Heart Association. Find out why the American Heart Association created the simple seven steps you need to get healthy and create a life success plan, then see which steps you need to take to reach your best health potential.

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Make a New Life Resolution

No matter where you stand, it’s never too late to make better choices for your health and we invite you to start a new life resolution now. All you need is a goal, a plan and the desire to live better. That’s why we created My Life Check and the Simple Seven. Thanks to the science and research volunteers of the American Heart Association, we have created a simple tool so you know where you stand on your road to good health. All of us need to practice these seven steps to live a heart-healthy life, and no one achieves heart health by accident.

To find out where you stand with the Simple Seven goals, just take the My Life Check assessment. In a few minutes, you will know how you’re doing with each one of Life’s Simple Seven. You will also get your own personal heart score and life plan. Your results will show you where you stand on the seven recommended areas of focus and will create an action plan that is customized to your lifestyle and health outlook. Your last step is a promise to yourself: a resolution to start making healthy, positive changes for a long, healthy future.

Life’s Simple 7™ for Kids helps kids and their parents understand the seven components of heart health and lets them know how to keep them in healthy ranges. Download our guide for kids.

Remember, you can stop heart disease before it even starts. Start small. And keep it simple. Make one change today and then you’re ready to make another. Before you know it you’ve stopped making poor choices, and started making life choices!

Make a difference. One heart at a time.